Emily from Spain

Sorry, I was not able to post this letter last week. I will post some pictures this week. The letter you are about to read is from last week. I have not yet received a letter this week. It is kinda tough right now we are sending out Jacob on the 4th and we are busy with that. Without further wait here is Emily’s letter from last week.


*said in a Spanish accent* Ohkeh, we can do deez tings,

It´s P day again! Carrie is going to be a senior and Nate´s going into highschool and Jake is leaving in two weeks and Cody is getting his own cereal! And we have our first fecha! Meaning our first date for someone to be baptized! Normally I wouldn´t say anything that because they would pro´lly drop us next week but this kid is golden! He´s the son of a less active and he´s wanted to be baptized for a long time but his mom kept saying no. But I truly believe that the Lord has softened her heart because she said yes and that he was old enough to choose for himself! She even helped teach him a little. He´s 13 years old but he´s about the size of an 8 year old. He´s about Cody´s size. He´s so cute and so willing! I´ve never seen someone so happy to hear the message and to read the scriptures and go to church! He will be baptized in September. If I don´t get transfered, I will get to be there! We´re so excited for him! He didn´t even know what to do when his mom gave permission! We were shocked and so happy!

We have mission goal to get 555 new inverstigators this week. We´re working on our faith. Faith is trust. This is the Lord´s work. We have been promissed success. He is preparing people. I believe that even know the work is hard it´s flipping hot. We stay possive and Hermana and I speak in a spanish accent all day! Thank you all for your emails! Leslie and Sabrina and Jack, thank you so much for the letters! I don´t have stamps right now but I will right back as soon as I can. I don´t know where to get them at the moment. Oops! Well, I love you all and I hope you all know that you´re all in my prayers! Bad times, always mean good times are coming! Up is the only way to go when you hit rock bottom! Good luck with the school year everyone!

Con amor,
Hermana Azul
Elder JJ Pitts and I were able to email a bit today! It´s was cool to know that he´s serving too! In the same time zone!

Mom, thank you for the picture of the family! I feel mush better now that I have it! Eveyone loves it! It´s the Dotson family musical! I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad, thank you so much for your emails! You are the sweetest! You mentioned the Cody is already writing to santa, well, I´m already thinking about christmas skype with you!

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