Thanksgiving!!! I am thankful for being warm because it´s been flippin´ cold!!!!!! I don´t have much to report. Same old with our investigators. Meh. Not progressing. But hey! I know that there are people out there! I can feel it in my belly!

Randomness: I ate blood sausage for the first time. It wasn´t too bad. But I don´t want to eat it again.

No, I haven´t eated any fancy cheese. Just swiss. That´s fancy!

I can sing A Child´s Prayer in spanish. It´s really difficult by the way

Transfers are next week!

We had a handstand constest and I won!

Our hot water only works for 5 minutes at a time

I haven´t shaved in a month. Ew, I know

I´m half way through the Book of Morman in Spanish!

I have read the Book of Mormon in English 4 times since I´ve been out!

I´m out of Peanut Butter

I can speak Spanish! Well, kind of.

                     A crazy person chased us down the street yesterday

I miss everyone!

Sorry I´ve been lame at emailing. But I still love you all! And I´ve been loving my time here! I invite you all to eat a roll for me! Until next week my darlings!


Hermana Azul


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