Heeeyyyy!!! 3/10/14


P Day again? Crazy week! So fast! So this week we had interviews with President and so Thursday we went to Sevilla, and then Friday we had Reunion de Zona so we decided to stay in Sevilla with the Hermanas. That was fun! And then after Zone conf I had to go on intercombios with Hermana Koonz! The best Hermana in the mission! Okay! I have a crazy story:

So, the intercombio was normal and fun (I always enjoy my time with Hermana Koonz) until the last ten minutes! So we still had the 10 minutes and we decided to go contact a futuro, so we toque-ed the timbre, but she didn´t answer. And then an older woman passes by, needing to get int he same building we told her we were missionaries, the shpeel, and she said no, BUT! In zone conf we were told to ask for referencias from everyone, so we asked if she knew anyone who may need help in their lives or a message of hope. And she asks “Well what kind of help?” And we say that it´s a help from Jesus Christ and that they find hope from following Him. And so she says “Wel.. maybe you can help my sister. Come on up.” And so we´re thinkin´ it´s like a cool little miracle, but when we get to the door, we realize it´s the same door that we toque-ed and no one was home. Her sister wasn´t in there. And outside the door, there was a ton of crazy Jesus pictures. Simultaniously, hermana and I look at each other. She unlocks the door and invites us in. So we go in and there is just stuff every where!!!!! Like really oragainzed nick nacks, and little dolls and things and  ton of pictures and paintings, and little bells and statues, and lamps, just so much stuff, and very clean. So she leads us down this long hallway and to this curtain on the wall, and she moves the curtain aside and there´s a door. She creaks it open and invites us in. And it´s full of more stuff! And one circle table with four chairs. And invites us to sit. I notice that there´s pictures everywhere and a big jar of candy. So we sit. And then she says “I prefer the lights off” BOOM! Lights go off and she turns on this little lamp and shines it in out faces so we can just barely see her face. And instant creep feeling and I´m like “Fetch! She´s gonna make us have a seance and bring her sister back to life!!!!!!” And Hermana is like “We are gonna die!” Then this clock in the corner goes off and dings 10 times. And the lady just starts talking none stop. For real, I swear she didn´t breathe. About all sorts of crazy-creepy things in her life. And Hermana says to me “I´m gonna send a text to my comp to have her call me.” So we wait for the call. Nothing. She sends the text again. Nothing. And the same text to the elders. Nothing. So finally, I just say to the lady that we need to go. And she just stares at me. And it´s quite for a while. Then she starts talking again!!!!! For ten mintutes straight! Then Hermana Koonz says that we need to go but that we´d like to say a prayer. And the lady starts talking again!!!!!!! So finally I say Hey, Seriously, we need to leave. It´s late. My comp wil pray. And Hermana just starts the prayer and we jump up! The lady starts backing up the door. And asks when will we be back to help her with her sister. And we say some random day and she smiles and says okay, then BOOM! The lights off again! And we´re all using the cell phone light to guite us to the door. And on the door, there´s this drawing of a tongue and sword through it with writing that I couldn´t read. Then I swear she unlocks like 5 dead bolts and we book it! And she waved to us. Then the Hermanas called. A bit too late. I don´t think Hermana Koonz will go back there. The end!!

Good story, huh? Nothing really bad happend. Just got talked to death. Still scary though. Hahahhaha! Gotta love intercombios in Dos Hermanas! First the African Party and now the crazy lady!

Hey!!!! I finally got all the packages and letters!!!! Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Ya´ll are the best!!! Sorry, I´m awful at writing letters and whatnot, but I am very grateful to have to much support! I love you!!!

Con Amor,

Hermana Em

Happy Late San Valentin!!!!

Happy Late San Valentin!!!!

Best Valentine of my life! I drew a picture for my comp and made it all fancy (thanks mom for the scrap-booking stuff you sent me when I was in the MTC) and then I gave elders money to buy the flowers that I picked out and had them put them in the fridge in the capilla. Then when we got to the church for English class I asked if she’d go see if there was any food. So she walked to the kitchen and then I heard a squeal and she ran out of the kitchen and tackle hugged me! But silly, unreliable elders, didn’t get the flowers, they got some weird heart marshmallow thing. She still loved it though. =P She made me Sponge-bob letter and the best dinner I’ve ever had in Spain! We had so much fun!
Transfers! Drum-roll!!!!!!! I will be staying in Córdoba!!!! Yay!!!!!! I never thought I´d want to stay in an area for 6 months but I wanted to stay with Hermana so much!!!! I´m so happy we got to stay together! She´s my favorite! And both the elders are staying too, Elders Alomia and Warburton. We can tell this transfer is going to be rough for us, but vale la pena, it´s worth it. Out baptism fell through, and we were pretty bummed about that so we ate a ton of double stuffed Oreos. Yep! I found some here in Spain! But we did get to be apart of a really cool miracle! So we have an investigator who has been hearing from the missionaries for years and she hasn’t prayed out-loud with any of them in about 12 years. We´d thought about dropping her for a while because she can´t progress if she doesn´t come to church. But last Wednesday when we were teaching we asked her to pray and she DID!!!!!! It was short but, man, there was power!!!! And she was even a little teary eyed. It was so cool!! She also thought that I would be transferred she bought me pink jammies and a scarf and for Hermana pink lotion. It was a good experience. I mean, we didn’t think she liked us very much. But it´s clear that Heavenly Father has a plan for all his children!
Also! My Spanish is getting a lot better with Hermana! The other day there was a group of girls who were here on vacation from Malaysia and I got to translate for them. They spake English, by the way. It was a tender mercy of the Lord!
Well, I love you all!!! Oh! And Happy Birthday Jessie/Yoshi! I know that you probably don´t read my blog, but I hope you had a happy birthday!!! And I love you!!!!
Vamos a ganar!!!!!!
Con Amor,

Hermana the Oreo Muncher!!!



Hey!!! So ths week was fast and crazy! We had stake conf. in Sevilla. It was so cool! I´ve never seen so many Nigerians apart of the church in Spain! It was so fun! Also, fun fact I went on an intercambio with Hermana Wilcox who is Brad Wilcox´s daughter. She was fun to hang out with! We listened to a talk by her dad His Grace is Sufficient. I cried like a baby evfen though I´d already heard it.

Transfers are coming up and I´m nervous! Everyone says that I´m gonna get transferred! But I´ve practically begged president to let me stay, that I´m willing to do what the Lord wants but that if he could put in a good word for me to the Big Guy that I´d be grateful! I don´t want to go! I never thought that I´d want to stay in an area for 6 transfers, but I love it here so much! I love my comp and the members and the place and our investigators. We´ve seen miracles and we´ve been working to had and so well together! I want so much to stay another transfer with Hermana!

Happy Birthday Elder Hendricks! 19! I was 19 when I fist got into the mission! I remember those days!

Well, I´d best be off! We still need to go shopping or we will starve this week. Oh! And I got to talk to Jake for a while! I can tell that he is rocking his mish!

I love you all! Be good!


Hermana la Guay

1/6/14 Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

So, I want to say THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGES EVERYONE! They finally made it! Wow! Thank you so much for all the randomness! I LOVED the letters! And the Pictures!!!!!! From the fam and from the cousins too! Thanks Adam and Teresa! I couldn’t eat the cookies, though. They got too old. Nate, I laughed so hard at your letter! You need to write books! Amber! Wow! I love the picture! And all the kitty stuff too, mom! If anyone else sent a package, it hasn’t gotten here yet. You all are the best! I have some funny stories to tell but I´m out of time and I still have to write president, but Transfers….. Well, I will be finishing someone´s training this transfer I´m terrified. She´s a native, and I hear she speaks Spanish really fast. I can´t remember her name but I will let ya´ll know the scoop next week. Sorry to leave you with a cliffhanger. Also, I went one the best exchange of my life with the best Hermana in the mission! I´ll tell you all about it next week!
Love you all!

Heeeeeeeyyyyyy! 1/20/14

Okay! For real this time! How is everyone?! I am feeling a lot better! It was awful for a few days but now I am great!

Okay so my story! I went on intercambios (exchanges) with Hermana Koontz (the coolest Hermana in the mission) and we had to cita to go to an investigator´s house to say happy bithday to his daughter. Thinking it was just going to be this little kid party, but it was this huuuuuge, and very loud African party with tons of people! The house was full and they were all so excited to see us and the Elders. The music was so loud and we were all yelling to hear each other! They offered us all Monsters and shishkababs with gizzards on them. It was nasty. This one African woman named Happiness kissed me on top of the head and said “Bless you for being here, child.” Then the Dad of the house made this huge speech about the grace of God blessing his daughter to be alive another year. There was lots of “Amens” and “Halelujas” and then he popped the cork of a champagne bottle and spilled it everywhere. I thought they only did that in the movies! we eventually were able to leave and when we got back to piso, we found out that the Elder´s had snuck in and put up and huge poster of The Hobbit! Which is Hermana Koontz´s favorite movie! She loves Lord of the Rings! So we made nametags for all of the characters and put them on the poster. Then there was a knock on the door and it was the elders with tons of AMERICAN cake! The rainbow sprinkle kind. it was amazing. Gotta say. Oh and by the way the Hermana´s in the area that I was in made a giant fort in the living room so we planned and then slept in the fort. Probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever done on my mission. But lots of fun and none of it was jack (we were obedient Hermanas) So that´s my story! It was epic!

Today was fun too! I love Love LOVE my comp! Hermana Birnbaumer is from Bolivia but she lives close to Barcelona. She´s 21 and very spunky! She works really hard and she´s bold! I mean, in church we had 4 investigators, thanks to Heavenly Father and her intense love for people! She has been teaching me so much! I hope to stay here with her another transfer! Our investigator from Brazil is going to be baptized next month! It´s so fun to be out here working so hard and finding people and learning more Spanish! Even when it´s really hard and things are going slow, Hermana keeps so upbeat and positive! Oh! And she´s the best cook! Not a bad thing either. =P

P day was really fun today! We when to the Mizquita with the Elders Alomia and Warburton and then we all went shopping and then we made a deal that we would choose the haircuts for each other. And that´s what we did. So much for growing my hair out. Oh, well! I still love it! Oh! In the 2nd we´re all going to Sevilla to sing in stake conference with all the missionaries in out zone! I´m excited for that!

Well, it´s time to go to work! And we work hard! Despite the fact that my email my suggest otherwise, we work and during off time, we play! I´ll be sending Nate´s birthday card with the SD card so you can see pictures of our adventures! I love you all and I hope that you all have a good week!

Hermana Emmy

It´s almost the New Year!!!!!!

Hey, world! Not much to report, but I´m excited for the new year! This year flew by so fast! Wow! Last December I was opening my call and now I have nearly 8 months in! Crazy! We went over to a member´s house for Christmas and ate with their family! And I´m not sure what we´re going to do for the new year. I hope they don´t feed us sea food, if we stay with a member. We visited an investigator yesterday and she chopped a bunch of fish heads and poked all their eyes! I had bad dreams about it last night. Here for a tradition for New Year´s Eve, at the tolls of the clock to midnight, they put grapes in their mouths for every toll to try to fit all 12 grapes in. I´m not sure if I´ll try that because I don´t want to choke and die. But we´ll see.

So our Brazilian investigator isn´t progressing so much. we can´t get her to come to church. She never answers her phone and when we stop by in the morning she´s always sleeping. But I hope that as she keeps reading she will feel the need to come and see what it´s like. We pray for her a lot. It´s also difficult because her mom says that she´s not old enough to decide. But she 15. I think if she shows her mom that it is something she truly wants and that she knows that it´s something good that makes her happy, and her mom will see the good change in her, then she´ll be baptized.

So transfers are this weekend. We´ll find out where Hermana will go. We´re pretty sure she´ll be leaving because she´s been here for 3 transfers already. The next transfer will be her last. Then she dies and goes home. And Hermana Daly will die too. I´m glad that I don´t have to go home in the winter, Too cold!!!! I´ll keep you updated on what happens!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and thay you all have a Happy New Year! And be victorious! I love you all!

Con Amor,

Hermana Hendricks

Sorry (From Matt)

Life happens and I have not been able to keep the blog up to date. There is no excuse good enough, that said it is now up to date. I will post some pictures through the week. There are missing weeks but due to the nature of the letters received there were no blog messages on those weeks.



12-09-13 To the World!

It´s almost Christmas! We made a Christmas Chain to see how close the days are! We´re excited! I´m sad that I missed picking the tree out and getting hot chocolate! That´s, like, one of my favorite traditions! And sending the Nativity set to a family. But I´ll be home next Christmas, so it´s all good!

Sometimes, it´s hard to think that people care about each other here. They don´t like to be helped and it´s hard to offer service. People are pretty cold shouldered. But this week I saw some good souls out there helping and loving one another. There was this one woman in a wheel chair trying to get one the bus ramp and she started to tip over, feet over head. At the time there was about 7 of us on the bus, and literally ever one of them including myself, jumped up to help her. She was such a classy woman. Everyone made sure that she was okay and comfortable, fixing her little blanket that she had over her and fluffing her hair back into place. Or just the other day, a man was buying oranges and the bags broke the the oranges went everywhere. Several people heled him chace down every last orange. I like to see stuff like that. I like that people still care about people. Chrsitmas is coming up and as a missionary, I don´t get to be with my family but, I get to serve my brothers and sisters in Spain.

A member here ( I don´t pick favotites, but if I did, she´d be my favorite =D) she bore her testimony about service and missionary work this past fast sunday. I´ve never seen such a strong and devoted member in Spain. She´s older and she just lost her mom this year and now she watches after her sister who has a mental illness. She always calls me Primavera which means springtime, because I always have flowers in my hair. She, to me, is doing exactly what Christ would do. I love this time to think more about Christ!

I invite you all to serve someone this week! Love someone just a little more! I love you all! And I miss you! I hope you feel feel closer to our Savior in this oh so chilly Christmas time!

Con amor,

Hermana Dotson

12-2-13 Decemberrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Brrrrrrr, fo´ real, though!

Decemberrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Brrrrrrr, fo´ real, though!

Hi, everyone! Okay so this is going to be a very random email becaue I have only about 6 minutes to write.
News! Our heater is working! But now our hot water doesn´t work.

We saw the Queen on TV, she was olding a baby panda. Oh! Fun fact! Pnadas are part of the raccoon family!

We saw Obama on the news. He was petting a turkey… that´s America for ya.

We were street contacting and a little dog came and bit my shoe! I don´t know why. Then it ran away.

I know that I missed the Doctor Who´s 50th Anniversery…

We saw the Mazquita today! Whao! It was pretty intense!

People keep asking for pictures on the blog.

Yes, I did have a Thanksgiving dinner. I made it myself! I make Chicken, rice and potato soup and a little apple pie! I was impressed with myself!

News about our Brazilian investigator: She is progressing!!!!! But, just kind of because her mom is super protective. But she told us the she knows that it´s true and she would love to be baptized. We just need to find a way to touch her mom´s heart so she knows the the Gospel is something good, that is helps families and that she will be happy! We are so happy!

I love you all! I want all of you to know that Angels are real. I´ve really come to know that this week. Heavenly Father really is amazing.

Con amor,

Hermana Blue


Thanksgiving!!! I am thankful for being warm because it´s been flippin´ cold!!!!!! I don´t have much to report. Same old with our investigators. Meh. Not progressing. But hey! I know that there are people out there! I can feel it in my belly!

Randomness: I ate blood sausage for the first time. It wasn´t too bad. But I don´t want to eat it again.

No, I haven´t eated any fancy cheese. Just swiss. That´s fancy!

I can sing A Child´s Prayer in spanish. It´s really difficult by the way

Transfers are next week!

We had a handstand constest and I won!

Our hot water only works for 5 minutes at a time

I haven´t shaved in a month. Ew, I know

I´m half way through the Book of Morman in Spanish!

I have read the Book of Mormon in English 4 times since I´ve been out!

I´m out of Peanut Butter

I can speak Spanish! Well, kind of.

                     A crazy person chased us down the street yesterday

I miss everyone!

Sorry I´ve been lame at emailing. But I still love you all! And I´ve been loving my time here! I invite you all to eat a roll for me! Until next week my darlings!


Hermana Azul